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sustainable & well projects

ROI in Well-Being 

The WELL Movement


At Egoreal, we champion the Well Movement for individuals, organizations, and projects. Our mission is to provide personalized well-being solutions, enhancing physical, mental, and innovative well-being ecosystems. We're committed to shaping environments that elevate life quality, advance sustainability, and place well-being at every decision's core. Whether you're an organization optimizing workforce well-being or a project owner envisioning a well-centric development, Egoreal is your partner in the Well Movement."
sustainable & well projects

Structured for Success 


At Egoreal, we strategically engage with organizations to instill a culture of well-being from the top down. Our methodology initiates with targeted consulting and impactful influence on leadership and management, shaping their vision to prioritize employee well-being. We follow this with extensive coaching programs designed for teams, creating an environment that encourages collaborative well-being interventions. Recognizing the profound impact of individual change, we emphasize coaching that fosters personal well-being growth. Lastly, our approach extends to environmental design, positively influencing both employees and customers within the organizational ecosystem. This comprehensive strategy ensures that well-being becomes a seamlessly integrated and deeply rooted aspect of the organizational fabric.

Egoreal's approach begins with the 7 Modalities, encompassing a natural and holistic process towards integrating well-being into real estate assets, embracing featured, programmatic, sustainable, circular, regenerative, lean, integrative and cultural aspects, intervening into both green and brown field projects to carve experiences that enable deep immersion through well-being features that incentivize the end-user to come back for more.

This cycle ensures growth in demand that then spurs spending, while providing satisfaction of well-being for the customer that is deeply rooted in sustainability while protecting the earth and its communities even while you grow market share.

Sustainable & Well Projects

We leverage our Well-Being expertise to redefine spaces, promoting preservation, growth, and balance, tailored for both Organizations and Project Owners.

Our Consulting services are more than a strategic partnership – they are a transformative journey. We specialize in crafting bespoke wellness strategies, aligning seamlessly with your distinct goals, whether you're an established corporation or a visionary project owner. Our approach, where analysis meets innovation, encompasses strategic program crafting, creative design, site evaluation, market insights, data analysis, performance modeling, ensuring a tailored and impactful approach that transforms design into an enduring legacy of well-being for your spaces and communities.



Design for Well  


Consulting: Analysis Design for Well

Our Assessment services go beyond mere evaluation – they are a meticulous process of setting benchmarks for optimal well-being outcomes. Whether you're an organization seeking to enhance the well-being of your existing spaces or a visionary project owner embarking on a new development, our services ensure that each asset attains the highest standards of performance. We provide Well Asset Validation and Certification services, working seamlessly from the initial infrastructural planning to the completion, operations, and continuous renewal phases. Our integrated approach involves collaboration with architects, engineers, and specialists in green and energy performance, ensuring a comprehensive assessment even at the design stage. This holistic evaluation guarantees that your spaces meet the stringent criteria for well-being, delivering lasting value to both your organization and your projects."






Assessment: Validation Certification Measurement

Egoreal's Operations services are the backbone of your well-being journey. Our experts guide your management to optimize performance, meeting financial KPIs for organizations and fostering positive growth through coaching and training. Streamlining operations enhances staff and guest satisfaction, creating exceptional experiences. For project owners, we extend our operational expertise to develop and manage wellness-conscious businesses, ensuring growth and success.





Operations: Management Coaching


sustainable & well projects
Resort Living Centre
Well | Silver | Sustainability | Circular
Sustainable & Well Projects
The Origin of River City Centre  Institutional Hub
Sustainable & Well Projects
Single Habitat 
Multi-generational Boutique Living
Well | Silver | Sustainability
Sustainable & Well Projects
The Ramarina Riverside Mixed-Use Community
Well | Silver | Sustainability | Circular
Sustainable & Well Projects
Jhana Eco Beach Village
Well | Silver | Sustainability | Circular 

Impact for Organizations & Project Owners

At Egoreal, we redefine success by introducing two critical metrics—Return On Well-Being Investment (ROWI) for organizations and Return On Well-Being Asset (ROWA) for project owners. ROWI focuses on maximizing the benefits of well-being policies within organizations, measured through enhanced individual and team performance, contributing to a thriving workplace culture. Simultaneously, ROWA evaluates the holistic impact of well-being-focused investments in various projects, spanning hotels, residential, commercial, and corporate facilities. By aligning organizational well-being with project value, we unlock market potential and usher in a new era of sustainable growth.

Unlocking Market Value: Elevating Returns for Organizations and Projects

Building a "Culture of Well-Being" through the Well Factor Framework


"Within the dynamic landscape of the Global Wellness Market, surpassing USD 4.4 Trillion since 2020, the spotlight on Well-Being intensifies. Recognizing its pivotal role, strategic companies and forward-thinking Project Owners are increasingly prioritizing well-being initiatives. In the coming three years, 68% of APAC organizations are set to distinguish and customize their well-being programs, aiming to stand out in talent attraction. At Egoreal, we navigate this evolving terrain, leveraging our Well Factor Framework to pioneer a 'Culture of Well-Being,' offering tailored solutions that resonate with the growing concerns of Organizations and Project Owners seeking a transformative edge in holistic well-being experiences."

3 Dimensions for Well-Being Culture
ESG is what every organization is looking to optimize and respond to the larger agenda of sustainability, to lower costs, reduce wastage, drive better performance and increase returns. As we delve deeper into ESG, we realize that a key strategy needed to drive outperformance is to place focus on the "S" or "Social" within the ESG. When a corporation creates policies that enhance the well-being culture of workforce at every level of organization, they naturally accelerate their out-performance. 
We call this Key Strategy the Well Factor or in short, W-Factor.
W Factor

Organizational ROWI

Orginizational ROWI

Transforming Well-Being into a Catalyst for Organizational Prosperity

Project ROWA

Project ROWA

Elevating Project Value through Holistic

Well-Being Investments

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