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Jhana Eco Beach Village Resort

Well | Silver | Sustainability | Circular 




Architecture / Planning 

Phuket, Thailand


Eco Resort Living Beach Club Living segmented for different age experiences, hotel, villas, apartel with lease-back, buy-back, gerontology, Authentic Journey experience, social entrepreneur, farm to table, culinary, rehabilitation, senior friendly, aqua & hydrotherapy, mediation, telemedicine, central PH7 hydration, lean...

Well | Silver | Sustainability | Circular:

Glulam & CLT timber materials
Recycling Program
Waste & Lean Management
ERV & Heat Exchange
Thermal Comfort
Motion Sensing on/off
Solar PV systems
Rainwater Harvesting
Central PH7 hydration

Aqua & Hydrotherapy
Detoxification & Recuperation
Mindfulness & Stress Reduction
Sauna, Salt Bath, Steam &
Meditation & Mindful Zones
Authentic Journey® Walking Programs
Plantation Farming to Table
Social Entrepreneur
Wellness Learning
Comprehensive Wellness Assessments
Wellness Community Incentivization

Silver Economy:

Senior Friendly Design

Mindfulness & Stress Reduction

Guided Aqua Therapy

Beauty & Salon Services

Culinary Classes

Holistic Health Centre

Wellness Concierge

Telemedicine Hub

Medical Rehabilitation

iOT Safety / Fall Monitoring


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