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Meet Egoreal

At Egoreal, we spearhead innovation, seamlessly integrating well-being, cutting-edge design, and sustainable development. For organizations, we strategically enhance ESG programs and EVP, fostering a culture of health and productivity. Simultaneously, for project owners, we optimize physical spaces, crafting bespoke solutions that embody the principles of well-being, sustainability, and economic viability.

Crafting holistic well-being solutions across diverse projects & organizations

Juliet Derdyuk

Well-Being Integration Consultant 

Juliet began her career as a medical professional in Europe, transitioning to the wellness industry as her focus shifted from treating diseases to preventing them. She has worked with several European wellness and beauty boutiques, designing well-being programs, managing and training personnel, and expanding business operations. In addition to her medical and wellness expertise, Juliet is a WELL AP (Accredited Professional), using this knowledge to advise clients on practical habitat solutions that enhance their well-being and lifestyle experiences. Today, she specializes in Well Building Consulting and Corporate Wellness, artfully shaping well-being strategies for both wellness habitats and corporate entities.

Meet The Team

Raymond Lee 

Co-Founder & CEO

Raymond Lee Chen is a seasoned Architect & founder of several companies and including the W3WELL movement. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a major in Architecture. From 2001, he started his own practice of RLC Architects where he delivered design projects in excess of 1 mil sqm across Asia to the Middle East. He has spoken internationally in Dubai, Shanghai and Mumbai on real estate development initiatives & has taken executive roles in Infrastructure Consulting & Real Estate Development. As the co-founder of Egoreal, he believes Well-Being is the next driver that links ESG policy to organizational team performance.

Somock Inthavong

Hospitality Expert, Leader & Mentor

Somock is a passionate hospitality expert, leader & mentor with a strong operational, project and development background, having worked with Starwood, Accor, Dusit Thani and was the GM for many renowned award-winning hotels & resorts worldwide, including the Four Seasons in Jimbaran, Bali. In a career spanning over 25 years, Somock gained international hospitality experiences both operationally and culturally, having studied, lived and worked in 7 countries on 3 continents. He co-owned restaurants, opened hotels, created hotel brands, directed and orchestrated a number of major hotel renovations, including development of F&B and Spa concepts while managing them successfully at fully functional levels. Somock speaks Laotian, Thai, French and English and enjoys tackling challenging projects with his proven track record to deliver success in high-pressure environments.

Within our organization, we uphold a core set of values that not only define our character but also serve as guiding principles. These values fuel our creativity, lead us toward ethical decisions, champion inclusivity, foster collaboration, prioritize client needs, and underscore adaptability. They are not just principles but the essence of our work, influencing each project and reflecting our dedication to a brighter future.

What We Value

We extend beyond conventional design and development, constantly seeking innovative solutions that marry aesthetics with functionality.

We embrace creative thinking and continuously seek fresh ideas and solutions to push the boundaries of design, ensuring our projects are at the forefront of innovation.



We uphold ethical standards in all aspects of our work, from sourcing materials to project execution, promoting transparency, fairness, and accountability.

Ethical Responsibility


We prioritize diversity and accessibility, creating spaces that are welcoming and accommodating to people of all backgrounds and abilities.



We believe that the synergy of diverse talents and perspectives is the key to delivering exceptional projects. As a team, we harness the collective wisdom and creativity to create spaces that make a lasting impact.

Team Work


Our clients are at the center of our focus, and we work closely with them to understand their needs and aspirations, delivering customized solutions that exceed their expectations.



Our approach is adaptable to changing needs and circumstances, ensuring that our designs remain relevant and effective over time.



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