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Unlocking Wellness Investments:

The Significance of Return on Wellness Asset (ROWA)

Return on Well-Being Asset (ROWA) is a comprehensive metric assessing the impact of well-being-focused investments across diverse development projects, including hotels, residential, commercial, and corporate facilities. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing Well-Being at multiple levels, recognizing that the true value of a project goes beyond traditional metrics. ROWA underscores that every space created holds the potential to be an asset promoting well-being, contributing not only to financial returns but also to the overall health and vitality of its occupants.

With ROWA we measure the Comprehensive Impact of Well-Being Investments in Diverse Development Projects

To harness the benefits of Return on Well-Being Asset (ROWA) in your development projects, understanding how to generate and optimize this crucial metric is essential.


Revenue Generation:

Focus not only on Featured Wellness facilities like spa, fitness, packages, F&B but the opportunity of holistic wellness experience in all the 6 modalities

Guest Satisfaction:

Measures how well the wellness assets meet guest expectations and contribute to their overall satisfaction, often through guest surveys and feedback.

Repeat Business:

Evaluate whether presence of wellness assets leads to increased guest loyalty and repeat visits.

Operational efficiency:

Cost savings

Increased operational efficiency

Reduced employee turnover or lower healthcare costs

Brand Reputation:

Impact On Property's Brand Reputation

Market Positioning As A Wellness-focused Destination

Property Value:

Presence of wellness assets which increases the overall value of the property

Non-Financial Benefits:

Improved employee morale

Community engagement,

Contribution to local wellness ecosystem

What are the Well-Being KPIs

Financial KPIs:

Revenue from Wellness Services:

Measure the direct revenue generated from wellness-related services such as spa treatments, fitness classes, wellness packages, and healthy dining options.

Average Spend per Guest:

Calculate the average amount spent by each guest on wellness-related services and amenities during their stay.

Occupancy Rate:

Assess whether the presence of wellness assets leads to higher occupancy rates, indicating increased demand for wellness-focused accommodations.

Repeat Business and Loyalty:

Monitor the percentage of guests who return to the property due to their positive wellness experiences.

Cost Savings:

Evaluate whether wellness initiatives lead to cost savings, such as reduced employee turnover or decreased healthcare costs for staff.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Calculate the ROI by comparing the total cost of wellness asset implementation to the financial benefits generated, such as increased revenue and reduced costs.

Property Value:

Consider whether the presence of wellness assets increases the property's overall value and marketability.

Non-Financial KPIs:

Guest Satisfaction:

Measure guest satisfaction through surveys and feedback specifically related to wellness offerings and experiences.

Net Promoter Score (NPS):

Determine if guests are willing to recommend the property to others based on their wellness experiences.

Community Engagement:

Track the property's involvement in wellness-related community activities or partnerships.

Brand Reputation:

Monitor the property's reputation in the market as a wellness-focused destination and its positioning within the wellness ecosystem.

Environmental Sustainability:

Evaluate the environmental impact of wellness assets, including energy and resource consumption, and their alignment with sustainability goals.

Occupancy Mix:

Analyze the percentage of rooms or accommodations occupied by guests seeking wellness experiences.

Integration with Local Wellness Ecosystem:

Measure the extent to which the property collaborates with local wellness providers and businesses to create a holistic wellness ecosystem.

Employee Morale and Turnover:

Assess the impact of wellness initiatives on employee morale and retention rates.

HOW we Deliver ROWA across your Project

The 7 Modalities

Looking to deliver return on Well-Being Investment for Your Organization instead? 

Egoreal's approach to delivering Return on Well-Being Asset (ROWA) encompasses a comprehensive 7 Modalities strategy. By weaving Well-Being into every aspect of habitable spaces, from sustainable practices to cultural elements and personalized programs, we create habitats that go beyond traditional design. This integrative approach ensures that wellness is not just an add-on but an inherent part of the habitat's DNA, fostering a balanced, vital, and culturally enriched environment. Through segmentation and incentivization, we tailor each habitat, promoting a sense of ownership and encouraging occupants to embrace and actively participate in a well-being lifestyle.

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Explore our Expertise 

Our Well-Being Intervention Focus Areas

At Egoreal, we believe in weaving wellness into every aspect of your living space. Our Featured Wellness modality focuses on incorporating wellness features that enhance your habitat. From saunas and hydrotherapy facilities to cutting-edge sleep and lighting technologies, we create environments that prioritize your well-being.


Wellness isn't just about space; it's about flow and rhythm. Our Programmed Wellness approach delves into the programs and protocols that support your well-being within your habitat. From daily routines like cleaning and cooking to holistic practices such as yoga and hydrotherapy, we design wellness flows tailored to your specific needs. These flows are thoughtfully crafted to enhance your experience, allowing you to derive greater value and enjoy wellness design on a deeper level.


Sustainability and wellness go hand in hand. Egoreal's Sustainable Wellness modality explores how sustainable practices can contribute to your well-being and the health of our planet. We integrate eco-conscious solutions and green technologies into your habitat, ensuring that your wellness journey aligns with a sustainable future.


Wellness isn't an add-on; it's part of your habitat's DNA. Integrative Wellness is about seamlessly blending wellness into the very structure of your living spaces. From mindful design to advanced technologies, we create environments where wellness is inherent, fostering a sense of balance, tranquility, and vitality.


Culture plays a significant role in our perception of well-being. Egoreal explores how cultural aspects can enhance your wellness experience within your habitat. We celebrate diversity and incorporate cultural elements that relevant and promote a sense of belonging and spiritual well-being, making your space a cultural haven for personal growth and fulfillment.


Egoreal's strength lies in precise market segmentation for Wellness Habitats that we design. From families and active professionals to seniors, health enthusiasts, and more, we tailor each habitat to specific wellness needs. Our commitment to segmentation ensures that everyone finds their ideal space, where well-being is personalized and deeply supported.


Wellness Incentivization helps to seamlessly integrate wellness incentives into the very fabric of the habitat, creating an environment that actively encourages and rewards well-being practices. Our purpose is to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility among habitat users by providing tangible incentives that promote healthy living and mindful choices. 


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