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Free Your Neck

from Cervical Strain due to Office Workload, Fitness Workouts & Activity Stress 

Egoreal Stretch

Fastest Neck Relief in the Market!
Just 5 Minutes Per Day or Alternate Day Use

3-Ways to get the Neck Relief you always wanted!

Designed to provide different levels of Traction, Benefits & Enjoyment

1st Way:
Vertical Traction

  • Highest amount of traction force you can achieve to alleviate sore neck issues
  • Experience gravity pull for effective pain relief
  • Ergonomic Design For Your Ultimate Traction Comfort

2nd Way:
Assisted Horizontal Traction

  • Most Effective Traction over a brief session of time!
  • Best Control over Pull & Angle
  • Enjoy Assisted Traction with the help of your Traction Partner & Achieve Common Goals together!

3rd Way:
Horizontal Traction

  • Enjoy independent cervical recovery in the comfort of your home…
  • Most comfortable Horizontal Lying down position allowing maximum muscle relaxation
  • Traction managed by your own adjustments


Health Issues

  • Herniated Disk
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Cervical Osteochondrosis
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Hunched Neck & Posture
  • Poor Blood Circulation
  • Dizziness & Headaches


Benefits Gained

  • Decompressed Nerves
  • Increased Intervertebral Space
  • Reduced pressure on disks
  • Restored Spine Curvature
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Improved Mobility
  • Reduced Cervical Osteochondrosis Progression

Even Distribution Of Pressure Between Back of Head and Chin Enables Stronger & Firmer Pull

Ergonomic Design for Traction Equilibrium

  • ERGONOMIC CURVED & INBUILT CUSHION with Increased Width to ensure deep head grip and soft head rest for ultimate traction comfort
  • 3-WAY VELCRO POSITIONING to suit different traction options & for personal adjustment comfort
  • METALLIC LOOPS facilitate direction & easy adjustment of velcro straps
  • OPEN EARS DESIGN prevents unnecessary pressure
  • ADJUSTABLE SOFT CHIN PAD helps to soften pressure on the chin due to applied Equi-Pressure traction forces on front & back of head
  • Reinforced CHIN OPENING provides even distribution of pressure on the upper and lower part of the chin

Head Piece Materials for Comfort & Firmness 

  • The Headpiece with In-built Cushion is designed to fit any head size without compromising comfort, grip & traction quality
  • Negative Velcro Connectors are angled to form 3 attachment angles to secure the head firmly for all 3 traction positions. They are extra long to provide the essential adhesion for tensile strength to be achieved during traction pull
  • Plush fabric Interior ensures comfort for skin contact without stickiness or scratching and provides close support during traction pull
  • PU Leather exterior is strong, supple and flexible to cater to angle changes and pull tension
  • Cross stitching ensures durable connection of parts that contour around the head

1 Kit Assembles for all 3 Traction Positions

By assembling the kit of parts, you can achieve more with Egoreal Stretch with less components than other devices in the market.
The kit provides flexibility in terms of length and is suited for persons of all stature.

  • 1st Way: VERTICAL TRACTION Method. Use the Loop strap to secure around a horizontal bar or use the pull handle wedged to the other side of a door. This setup provides the strongest pull
  • 2nd Way: ASSISTED HORIZONTAL TRACTION Method. Use both hands to hold the single pull handle to achieve a medium to strong traction pull for your partner
  • 3rd Way: HORIZONTAL TRACTION Method. This setup provides you with the longest flexible length to get the angle of pull you need

What the Package includes:

  • Loop Strap to secure the device assembly onto door handles, frame, poles, bars & trees
  • Extension Strap provides distance and angle for Horizontal Traction or to increase Vertical Traction distance if required
  • Elastic straps of different lengths, catering to Vertical and Horizontal traction positions for smooth tensioning during the traction experience:
  • Pull Handle for Assisted Horizontal Traction
  • Head Piece
  • Dust bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Box

Detailed Instruction Manual included

"Customers and their Egoreal Stretch..."

Unboxing Package

Traction Praises

Setting up 

Traction Action

Egoreal Stretch | 3-Way Cervical Neck Traction Device


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lee Roy
Can’t live without this 3 way Cervical Neck Traction Device now!

When I first saw the device, I was enthralled that one single kit could offer 3 traction positions and so I ordered.
To my surprise, it was true. I used it for the non-assisted horizontal and vertical traction positions. I think the real magic lies in the head piece. It hugs the whole head really well from below the chin to the back of the head and around the sides but freeing the ears.
Combined with the securing loop and elastic band, I was able to tie the contraption around the vertical window frame, door knob and even used the handle on the top of the door for the vertical traction pull.
I also got my wife to give me the horizontal assisted position by using the pull handle.
Pretty amazing that all the different formats work as described with different levels of traction. Quite happy with the results. It gave me neck relief that lasts for days.
Don’t know what to do without this 3-way Cervical Neck Traction Device now. Good to know that it can be pulled out of the shelf anytime I need relief!

Vincent Murex
Fantastic Neck Decompression Device! It saved my neck!

I’ve been looking for something to help me improve the debilitating pain in my neck and I think I’ve found it. I received this neck traction device just a few days ago and have to admit that I am quite amazed by its simplicity and flexibility.
Not only is it possible to stretch my neck in 3 different ways, it also fits well for my head size and easy to carry around. I think the manufacturer paid sufficient attention to the material and stitching which makes an impact on the way the overall stretching works. It has to be soft and slightly stretchable but not too much as it has to withstand the pull pressure.

Traction functionality comes largely from a thoughtful design where the head is fully embraced by the device and comfortably rests inside, no matter which of the 3 traction types I choose. The inner side of the device is layered with plush fabric, providing cushioning both at the chin and back of the head. I must say that the first time I wore it, I felt more pressure on my chin which I'm not used to but over several tries and properly adjusting the fit around my head, I got used to the fit and rebalanced the chin and the rear. The hole at the chin with the soft pad really helps to even out the pressure on the chin. This is important as most other devices only stretch the neck from the rear. I think this is where this device differentiates from others by helping to strengthen the traction experience but yet keep it well balanced between front and rear. This is especially important when I try to pull my neck more to gain more alignment. Straps and clips are rather strong and assembly is rather simple. Just had to refer to the very clearly detailed manual the first time around to achieve the 3 types of traction options.

My experience with this device has been good. Not only did I achieve the feeling of relief from decompression of my neck nerves, I also got rid of constant giddiness. And that was just after a few days of trial. What a surprise after suffering for so long and forking out so much money on other devices. This device saved my neck! Now I plan using it long term by alternating between stronger vertical decompression pulls and just relaxing under horizontal stretching.

Strongly recommend this neck decompression device to anyone who constantly feels compression and pain in the neck.

Rosie Weber
Superb non-medicated way to get rid of neck pain

This neck stretching device granted me a "new neck". I was so much in pain in the past due to my long sitting hours at the computer which totally destroyed my neck and posture. I was in pain a lot and had to take painkillers almost every other day just to go through my work routine. Tried multiple neck exercises only to realise that in a couple of hours, I was in pain again.
I was looking for something to get rid of that pesky compressive feeling in my neck when I stumbled upon this strange looking device. I've read about decompression devices before and decided to get this one as it looked very cushy and well padded comparing to other ones on the market. Oh, my goodness! That was it! I loved this device from the very first use. What is nice about it is that I can stretch my neck in three different ways. I decided to start with vertical stretch and have to admit, if you do everything right this is the strongest way of stretching and, as my experience shows - tend to provide instantaneous relief. Horizontal assisted is great for those who have a family member around to give you a helping hand. But for me horizontal non assisted traction is great as i can lay down and relax for 5-10 mins while enjoying a good neck pull can control myself. All and all, this device has helped me to ditch away my medication and straighten my neck. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with similar problems. Super device!

Emmy Bernier

This device is very good for my neck. It gives a very good stretch to the neck muscles. My neck feels amazing after stretch and effect lasts for couple of days. It's cushy at the back and split on the chin provides leverage to avoid extra pressure. It is definitely worth its price and I highly recommend it!

Christine Stewart

Very good value for money.

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