Nothing’s worse than a sore and stiff neck, wouldn’t you agree? It deprives one of sleep, causes migraine, headaches, inflammation and just turning the head is a nightmare!

There are many degrees of self-help we could instil in our daily habits…We could follow a proper routine of exercises that takes place daily that includes stretching, yoga and pilates. That would certainly help. But what if we weren’t able to do the stretching because we had vertigo or blood pressure irregularities that would make it uncomfortable to conduct daily exercises? Is there no other way to get around having to risk fainting each time we lift or stoop to achieve proper stretching?

And what if you needed constant professional after-care as well? That would certainly take too much time and money out of the pocket. 

And how about when we sleep? Don’t we also have to also adopt the best posture for sleep as we will be in sleep state for at least 6-7 hours?

Physio Devices are the Key

Well…devices that provide therapy, maintenance and recovery in the comfort of your own home could be the answer. There are so many ways we can treat our necks to achieve proper cervical spine alignment to prevent the possibility of long term osteochondrosis. Take a look at the devices you could use to help you in your waking hours and at night to aid in maintenance and proper recovery by clicking on the button below:

For those who are not needing professional help but would like to ease neck and spine decompression after a hard day’s work, recovering from strenuous workout or extreme sport, self-assisted devices are both helpful and cost effective.

Lightbulb moment

It was when we kept hearing from clients over the last year asking the same question that we took action to do something useful for our tribe. The question was, “What if there was a device that I could safely use at home for no more than 5 minutes, whenever I needed it, either on my own or with the help of my spouse, and I could feel results of neck decompression quickly?”

Rethinking Neck Traction

This was when we knew we had to rethink neck traction devices that were currently available but just weren't good enough. We knew we had to make a commitment to re-engineer a device with a head piece that provides a cradle like experience with equal pull on both the front and back of our head and with pressure relief off the chin.

Our team started designing from 1st principles and using ourselves to test the prototypes, from the headpiece to the cord, providing correct tension and elasticity, to counter sudden tugs. We knew we would have to provide more than one direction traction pull which was currently limiting all the other products in the market. We knew that following the Blue Ocean Strategy meant we discard what is not important to the customer and focus on what the customer wants, but he/she could not actually tell us how to design it!

We finally came up with the solution…which is to have a flexible 3-way traction device of varying traction strength and that everyone will find a posture that suits them best.

We called it the Egoreal Stretch.

Egoreal Stretch

Egoreal Stretch is a 3-way Cervical Traction Device for neck & spine decompression, for neck pain relief and posture correction. It is portable with 3 way functioning and very affordable for use at home any time you need it.

We’ve been hearing great results coming in from user testimonials. Comments like “You can use it on your own in the horizontal and vertical positions” or “get a partner involved to provide even finer adjustment and control on the traction pull and angle under the assisted horizontal position.”

Take a look at the pictures below to get a better idea and click on the "View More" button to find out more or to buy.