The simple answer is “Yes.”

Numerous research and advice from experts have shown massage to consistently reduce persistent pain and strain on part of the body, especially the neck, shoulder, spine and limbs. It can also alleviate some of the symptoms of chronic pain which emerge due to reasons like past injury or previous illness.

Chronic pain tends to last for 12 weeks or more and there are different massage therapies that can help solve, monitor and manage some of the more important areas of the body:

• sports massage

• deep tissue massage

• therapeutic massage

• remedial massage

• muscle overuse, trauma or injury massage

Finding a masseuse or physiotherapist to provide the above therapies can certainly help in resolving the issues whenever they arise but some of us may find it more convenient to find an immediate self-help solution whenever we face the issue.

While a live physiotherapist is necessary for professional treatment, one can easily be annoyed by the cost and frequency needed, scheduling, travelling to the venue, quality inconsistencies between practitioners and other challenges.

With home based devices, you can address your issues more regularly, cost effectively and at your convenient time and place. Looking at it at another way, the reason why devices are selling so well on amazon today is that it has become the quintessential buddy to accompany any live therapies given by physiotherapists or masseuses.

Welcome the world of physio devices!

Especially those that help alleviate any kind of body stiffness, knots and pains in any part of our bodies. With the various equipment and devices available in the market, it is now easier to get better self-help whenever desired.

Where tension and soreness appears, a massage together with heat therapy can lessen the pain cycle and keep it from recurring in the future. Massage can be applied all over the body including the neck, back, shoulder, hip and legs. With increased temperature, removal of side effects is another benefit.

Numerous physiological benefits can be brought about by massage devices, the most usual being:

• increased relaxation and movement

• reduction in pain, tension and stress

• alleviating muscle snugness and tightness

Here are some classic devices, features and benefits why even healthier people are choosing to have massage and heat devices in the home to accompany any live treatment as part of a comprehensive self-care package:

1. Acupressure Massage

Maintaining a good lumbar curve is important for spinal alignment and therefore, a lumbar traction board that also provides nodules that stimulate our acupressure points is twice as effective in providing relief as a massager without acupressure. Triggering the acupressure points along the back and shoulder is the most important factor for finding the right device. Acupressure’s primary goal is to restore health and balance to the body's channels of energy and to regulate opposing forces of yin (negative energy) and yang. Users normally complain about the discomfort of something hard poking on their bodies but stop complaining once their bodies start feeling better when the treatment ends. It is certainly one of the best ways for getting rid of muscle and back pain to regain vitality from the shoulder down to the lower back.

2. Deep Heating Neck and Shoulder Massagers

The back and neck regions require special care as they are so close to the head and spinal nerves. Deep massagers are especially invaluable for controlling the amount of heat and vibration to sensitive areas such as these. Shoulder massagers which sling over the shoulder and arm slings are especially useful as it frees the arms for movement and activity while the mechanism warms, rotates and vibrates, bringing ultimate soothing and comfort. Having power settings, adjustable warmth and a snug fit is vital not just for treatment but for the feel good factor.

3. Multi-zone Massagers

Pillow type massagers have often been overlooked as they are only thought of as accompaniments when we go to bed. However, 3D massage pillows can provide both rest for a heavy head and also proper neck and shoulder muscular relief at any time of the day. Multi-zone massagers with infrared heating in different shapes and sizes enable user and device to hit that exact spot or nerve where you need muscle relief. Devices can be used flexibly not only on one region of the body but anywhere you feel there is a matching fit and purpose. Just be conscious of which muscular node that is triggering the discomfort to find the correct device that can help bring relief.

4. Massage Guns

Guns massagers have gained immense popularity especially for perfect pre workout, during and post workouts whenever there is concentrated body aching. With the ability to tune the level of pressure and choose between a host of different shaped tips, from hard plastic to cushioned foam, you can calibrate different levels of pressure to focus on different parts of the body for different requirements. Round foamed balls are great for softer tissues while small hard tips are great for larger muscles like the gluteus medius. Increasing blood flow after long periods of sitting down is an area gun massagers do especially well to quick fix sensation of pins and needles. With pin-point accuracy, one can experience intense deep massage equal to a visit to the personal masseuse by “shooting at the right spot”.

5. Heated Massage Chair Pads and Cushions

It is often mistaken that mental focus needs to be placed on the activity of Massage by putting every other activity on standstill. Actually, passive massage while sitting on a massaging seating pad or back massage cushion shaped around your favorite chair can add to the whole wellness experience. By delivering a stimulating massage while you are focused on your work at the computer or while driving will provide needed muscle stimulation to keep proper blood flow at all times especially when you are need mental focus on other activities while preventing blood stasis.

6. Leg Massagers

Leg massagers wrap around the foot and calf muscles, providing different settings of acupressure massage and heat. They aid in reducing stiffness and increasing motion in the body to prep for daily activities ahead. You can quickly heat up your leg, thighs, or knee on a cold day before starting with stretching or daily exercise. Leg massagers provide that feel good factor especially after long periods of walking or standing on the foot the whole day, working like a warm compress beneath the soles of the feet, calf and shin. Apply your legs for 20 minutes when you’re busy with your office work or even reading the newspaper.

Apart from the classic devices of massaging and heating, there is a whole world of new and innovative devices awaiting to heighten your active wellness. Check out for new ideas.

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